Monday, January 26, 2015

The Coolest Pillow on the Planet

I think it is extremely important for all children to learn to love to read at an early age. Exposure to different ideas, cultures, and a new vocabulary can have life long benefits for a child. In addition, their curiosity and their desire to learn make them a wonderful audience. They don’t read or want to be read to for any other agenda than the sheer joy of discovery.  I found this out early on when my twins were born. Reading to them was an essential component in filling up our days. Nine years later they are the most voracious readers I know. They will read any genre on any topic all because they love to keep learning. I believe that getting children to love books early on is a great gift we can give them. Is there nothing better than being lost in an exciting book? In our house, reading is a quality of life issue. We are all happy when lost in great books. 

One of the best ways to get children interested in books early on is to read to them often. It is recognized as the single most important activity for language development.

With this being said, I have partnered with the new children's storytime product  elo™ Pillow, writing a collection of children's stories for elo™ a bedtime tool that plays stories and ambient sounds when children rest their head on it. If they lift their head up, elo™ reminds them to "Lay your head down to hear the rest of the story." I am happy to be a part of this revolutionary technology that promotes healthy sleeping habits and more enjoyable bedtimes and guilt free quiet time. A storytelling pillow is a better alternative than a TV.   I wrote 13 original children's stories and I get most of my ideas from everyday life and the funny and inquisitive questions you get from kids.  My story “Ruby the dog,” came to me watching our dog Gracie chase our cat Mittens all over the house one day. I literally just had to write down what a saw and I had a story.   In writing children stories as a parent, I also try to create a valuable message that the child can take with them long after the story is finished.  That was my incentive for the “Very Special Doll.”  I hope it will remind people what truly matters in a person. In addition I contributed 11 rewrites from the public domain as requested by the publisher.  

Please check back again I will be posting audio to the books soon.

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