Sunday, January 25, 2015

You are Your Response

Everyone is so busy and we are all tugged at on all sides. If our kids don't need something, a text may demand immediate attention, unanswered emails, housework, laundry, the list goes on and on.

This build-up of unfinished work and the constant demand for your attention puts your nerves on edge and makes it so easy to just "blow up"for  no important reason.

Below is an excerpt from the blog "Hands Free Mama"  that may change how you think and react.

I am My Response (By Hands Free Mama)
I am my response to my child’s mismatched outfit and the crumpled report card at the bottom of her backpack.

I am my response to my spouse who returned from the store without toilet paper but remembered the tailgate snacks.

I am my response to my anxious parent who repeats the same worries and insists on giving me coupons I do not need.

I am my response to my colleague with sad eyes and frequent absences.

I am my response to my 15-minutes-late hairdresser with a sick child.

I am my response to my neighbor with heart-heavy problems and little family support.

I am my response to the irate driver who cut me off and made an obscene gesture in front of my children.

I am my response to the waitress who got my order wrong.

I am my response to myself when I forgot the one thing I most needed to do today.

I am my response to spilled coffee, long lines, and middle-of-the-night wake ups.

My responses are not perfect … they are not always ideal … I am human after all.

But if I strive to offer responses underlined with
and care,
That is something.
That is something.

Because my responses are more than just words.

They represent
who I am,
who I want to be,
and how I will someday be remembered.
Today I will not respond perfectly. I know.
But if I strive to communicate with hints of kindness and traces of love,
That will be something
That will be something
That could mean more than words.

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